Jurassic Coast – Part one.

Jessica Stone

Durdle door, one of the most photographed landmarks on the south coast, and its easy to see why. An awe inspiring limestone archway created by the sea eroding through the stone.

The Beach at Durdle Door
143 steps lead the way right down onto the beach

The walk from the carpark to the beach is a lovely downhill stroll followed by 143 steps to reach the actual beach. The way back; up the steps is much harder, although completely worth it.

Visit Dorset estimates the walk to be about 30 mins, although we didn’t time it, I definitely didn’t feel like it took us that long to walk there, or back.

Durdle Door.

The water was so clear, had it not been October, and if I was more prepared it would have been perfect for a little paddle. There are a lot of deep sea shelves here, and I wouldn’t be confident enough swimmer to go in too far.

Checking out some of the tidal pools on the beach.

Next stop on our day trip was The Isle of Portland. We didn’t know exactly where to head when we got there, so a quick stop for some snacks and a little walk to stretch our legs we, we discovered the was a lighthouse at the end of the island.

We spent the evening as the sun was setting exploring over the giant rocks, and looking down at the sea crashing below – it was truly beautiful, and apart from one other couple and a handful of photographers (all sitting in the same place) there wasn’t anyone else around.

It was so peaceful, just the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks. It felt like we were in our own secret place, even though this is a well known tourist attraction.

A little scramble down over some rocks, and some gaps that I’m sure were perfectly safe, although too far down for my liking, we got to the “pulpit rock”.

Trying to stay out of the way of the all photographers gathered in the same place, we didn’t walk all the way to the end.

We left Portland just as it started to get dark to head to our next stop – West bay.

Our visit to West bay was to see the amazing cliffs – but when we arrived it was so dark, we couldn’t see them.

Taken with a long shutter speed and a tripod, this is as close to seeing the cliffs as we got.

And although it was freezing cold, and really dark it wasn’t a waste! A short walk (mostly following our noses) we found a burger hut where we could grab some food and head back to the van to sit in comfort (Watching amazon prime) and eat in the warm. It was perfect.

The best thing..? David planned this adventure for me, picking things he knew we would enjoy and places we could see. It was so awesome, and I am so grateful for all his time and hard work. We didn’t get to see everything he planned, but I am looking forward to going back to the Jurassic Coast and exploring more.

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